THE GRAW TOURNAMENT: This tournament is now nearing it's final! Eight clans have been selected through an online knockout, and will now attend the grand finale face-off at Fuse 06 to win the big prize (£1000 plus the GRAW PC on the right)

Here's a list of the final clans.

  • Steven Hawkins Football Boots Boyz
  • Euroelite
  • the GENTLEMANS club
  • Xbox Godz
  • The Suspects
  • Hellfire Four
  • The FreeStylers

Good luck to all eight clans - may the best team win!

To finish, some comments from the fantastic tournament moderators XGZ / Kleaneasy, XGZ 1 / grnvelvet, BS Paladin, and Funky Diver on the great performances so far:

“During the course of the tournament elimination stages we have been very pleased to see not only great gameplay but sportsmanship to be proud off, the teams taking part arrived in their servers promptly and played with good heart and a great respect for their opponents and match organisers, even when the results didn’t go the way they would hope they all shook virtual hands and left the server happy to have had the chance to take part in such a tournament. The team’s captains can be proud of their players and the way in which they represented their teams during this tournament.

We would also like to give a special mention to some teams who for various reasons during the tournament grabbed our attention……..

Stage one of the elimination stages saw the match Euroelite vs. Thanks for Coming, now there’s no doubt many of the matches played were very close but this one beat them all hands down. In fact it was so close the admin and referee observing the game reported it as being the most exciting match they had seen in a very very long time with both teams in their opinion worthy of a place in the finals saying “it was like watching the final in stage one”. The match drawings were not in favour of these two teams and one of them had to go out but there is no doubt that while Thanks for Coming may not be among the final 8 they were worthy of a place and should be congratulated on their gameplay in the closest and most tense match to take place throughout the entire elimination stages.

As you might expect this tournament attracted many a serious gamer who in many cases have been clanning since Xbox Live launched so it came as a bit of a surprise to find a team who were not only virgins to clanning and online competitive matches but had only just got together the weekend before the tournament kicked off. Clan Cillit got together on discovering the FUSE tournament was being held in a town near them and thought what the hell…why not it’ll be fun, so they did! They entered, they had fun and we commend them on not being put off because they weren’t ‘pro’s’, they put up a great fight even playing their second match a player down due to circumstances beyond their control so well played guys!

And finally……. The Smurfs who in stage two played with only half a team after some bad luck with an Xbox360 and Raging Horses & CNN who despite their best efforts just missed the finish line coming in 9th & 10th respectively.

Again well played to all who took part, good luck to the final 8 on Friday and as to the rest of you, well were sure you will give them a run for their money in any future events "

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