ABOUT VISIBLE NOISE: Visible Noise are a cutting edge record label.

VISIBLE NOISE AT FUSE: Visible Noise are arranging the music line-up for Fuse, which will include:

RAGGA PUNK METAL! Skindred is quite simply unlike anything you've heard. Elements of Metal, Dancehall, Punk, and Drum & Bass, all swirling into a concoction of lethal addictiveness. Their debut CD Babylon spawned three singles including the smash hit "Nobody" and proved to be one most important and impressive releases in heavy music in years. In an era of fakes, frauds and imitators, Skindred delivers.
Furthest Drive Home have joined the onslaught of rock bands to come out of Surrey over the recent years, joining bands such as Hundred Reasons, Reuben, Days of Worth to come out of the Aldershot/Guildford area. There is something about them, which sets FDH apart from those other bands though, a more poppier edge, but still being able to drive out the riffs and power chords to rival any rock band.
Newie 'City Burns Alive' echoes Coheed and Cambria in their poppier moments, with perhaps a bit of early melodic Funeral For A Friend and some Panic! At The Disco thrown in for good measure. As for comparing frontwoman Kim Waterson to Hayley Williamson, it's like comparing a nun to a Suicide Girl. Waterson is a much more sexual being, working her way around the boys with the nouse of a seasoned sex kitten and all the overt sensuality of 1980's-era Madonna.
PDHM have arrived to offer something new, something different and best of all something challenging. With the current incarnation of the band having been together for 3 years, they have worked tirelessly to hone their sound, and now deliver a punishingly heavy - yet melodic - metal tour de force. Inspired by an array of rock and heavy metal influneces, the result is unique and original.
Formed in 2003 with the intent of injecting life into the stagnant UK hardcore scene, taking influences from classic and modern hardcore bands such as Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Turning Point, Rites Of Spring, American Nightmare, Black Flag, Carry On, Unbroken, etc - The Legacy aim to create fast intense hardcore with a heap of melody and passion thrown in.
Forever Never is a metal band with a difference from Essex, England. Originally formed from four defunct and highly established local metal acts Forever Never blends many different sounds in order to create a sound of their own. Most notable is their experimentation around time signatures and the use of polymetrics. Forever Never are able to write insanely heavy and complex music yet still maintain a very melodic edge. A sound that should bridge the gap between underground and mainstream scenes; a sound that is both beautiful, and brutal.

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